Webinar - EU Educational Women Health - 3 lipca 2020 r.

Zapraszamy do udziału w webinarze, który odbędzie się 3 lipca 2020 roku.

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Dear Doctor,

We cordially invite you to join our lecture on July 3, 2020 conducted by a panel of well-known experts, who will share their latest learnings and practical experience on artificial intelligence based ultrasound approaches in the fields gynaecology and reproduction. A live Q&A discussion will follow this webinar presentation.

Topics will be covered:

  • Pelvic Floor Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Pelvic Floor Disorders
  • Preterm Birth Prevention with Cervical Pessaries
  • Ultrasound Diagnosis on Fetal Heart

Speaker Information:

Maria Chiara Paganotto

Medical Director of Gynecology and Ambulatory Obstetrics, Clinic of Ravenna, Italy

Laia Pratcorona

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

Ravan Stanca

Medical Director of Gynecology, Sistemul Medical Medlife, Romania